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I have just purchased the LG C1 as its come down to some pretty insane prices recently. I am looking to upgrade or replace my current audio setup, ideally I would like a surround setup.
I have been looking at a soundbar with a sub and rears setup, something like the Vizio M Series M512a-H6 but that doesn't seem to be available in the UK. I do however already own:
pioneer vsx-529 AV receiver
Q Acoustics 1030i
Mordaunt Short Avant 309i

Would I be better off buying a centre and some rears for my current setup rather than a soundbar option, if I used my AV receiver for audio only (if that's possible) rather than a passthrough for all my devices?

As you can tell from my other hardware I don't have a huge budget, but am happy to buy used for most of these items.
Any suggestions would be amazing.

Thank you.



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The Pioneer says it will pass a 4k signal although this was when the product was launched

Can I ask what you feel you are missing from the sound? Also, maybe include some room measurements and maybe a few photos to see if a soundbar option is actually the best option

Usually most people enjoy using an AV Receiver over a soundbar although some of the latest flagship models are enough to take on some of the entry level AV Receiver speaker packages

Having said that, they will never deliver what you're 1030i and Amp will for stereo

If the room can accommodate the extra speakers, then the 3090ci and 3010i speakers are the new version and although they will have improvements, they will still have a similar sound signature whilst bring more ability due to the years Q Acoustics have progressed over the years

I would also add that as the subwoofer is the second most important speaker in your setup, that you should also look at something from SVS (like the SB1000 or its newer counter part the SB1000 Pro) to give a room the kick it needs in delivering that truer cinema drive

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