Audio thru tv speakers from receiver?


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I am trying to get audio out of the tv speakers. I found a setting for the receiver of "Audio TV Out" and switched it on expecting this to be the ticket. It did not change anything. Please advise.

All sources go to receiver via hdmi
hdmi out goes from receiver to tv

Ultimate goal: I have the Turtle Beach Earforce X41 headphones that require an optical out to provide them with audio. My receiver is the Onkyo TX-SR508 which does not have an optical audio out just 2 optical inputs. So I am theorizing that if I have audio coming from the TV I can use the TV's optical audio output to go to the headphones.

Thanks for your time.


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I had to mess with those settings a bit to get it just right. The section of the manual you provided helped, thank you.


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If in doubt, consult manual first ;)
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