Audio Technica ATH-A2000Z Headphones Review


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Good review Ed, thanks.

I'd quibble on the value for money rating - particularly as the pads and lead aren't replaceable.

My trusty old Sennheiser HD497s were only 50 quid (albeit 10+ years ago) and would be on a tip by now if I hadn't been able to replce both lead and pads. And they still sound great to me (esp playing vinyl;)

It's surely unforgivable at the 500 quid price range to have parts with a high likliehood of wear and tear not be user replaceable. (?)


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Some headphone enthusiasts consider a non removable cable = better durability as one less potential weak spot. Plenty will of course desire a removable cable.

I think a removable cable for portable headphones / earphones is a must given the different usage environment. For home headphones not so essential
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