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Right here goes....At present my set up consists of LG60PG7000 plasma, along with the LG HT953TV-DP which is the dvd and surround package that LG provide, and a Sky HD BOX.
My problem is that i am deaf in my left ear and in my right ear my hearing is not brilliant, but compensates for the left ear,please no jokes as it is not a nice position to be in.
Anyway the problem i find at the moment,is that when i listen to the sky via the tv i have the volume nearly at it's highest point, subsequently when i watch a film via the dvd and the surround volume this is also at the highest setting with me. On some films it's on max and i still struggle to hear the audio.
My knowledge of sound set ups is extremely limited if non existent.
My thoughts are, if i sell my LG surround package including the dvd(which is included in the set up), which at present on some web sites are selling around £500(don't know what mine are worth but it was bought around 12months ago and is immaculate),
and if i bought the Onkyo TX-SR606 which is now selling at around £250 and a 5.1 surround speaker system(wouldn't know which one to buy) and finally buy a dvd(don't know which one to buy but would like one with usb port).
My question is, would the volume of the Onkyo when turned up be far greater than my presnt set up.
Basically what i am after is a set up that i can turn up so that it will blast the audio especially spoken audio and not have to turn it up to max before i can hear it reasonably,this is to compensate my loss of hearing.
Don't worry my house is not attached to my next door neighbour.
Thanks, hope you can help as it is not getting quite frustrating.


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A separates system will not only give you a louder sound but also improved clarity of sound. This should help you listen to the audio. Also on a separates system you can adjust the level of the centre speaker up to again give more volume on the voices etc. as opposed to the special effects. Hence you will not need to have the sub rattling your whole house just to hear what someone is saying. This may sound funny to someone who can hear but may give you a great result.
I would definately sell you current one and go for a separates system. The Tannoy SFX speaker set would match well to the Onkyo 606.


Thanks for that you've hit the nail on the head. This is the current problem i have in that to hear the dialogue reasonably, everything else is increased includding the surround sound and hence rattles my boots. As well, i have noticed that since having Sky HD the volume seems to be lower hence i have to turn the volume to max and even then on some occassions i find it still too low.
Right my next course of action is to sell my current set up, and find out what it's worth?
Is the Onkyo 606 much louder than my current set up? as i am hoping to get a set up with plenty of volume to spare this time!
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The 606 will be louder. When setting it up you should increase the level on the centre speaker maybe add 5 or 6dB to it. This will make the vocals much easier to hear over the other effects.


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Instead of going for a multichannel amp, if your looking for greater voice quality... you really won't be able to beat a a good set of headphones. They will cut out background noise and also pump sound direct into the eardrum... giving you the max chance of hearing a quality sound.... you should def consider them...

no w i dont mean silly little ones like on an ipod

look at these:

"Sennheiser HD650
Probably the most often recommended pair of full size Hi-Fi headphones on the planet are the extremely refined Sennheiser HD650 headphones. The HD650's have an excellent reputation among audio enthusiasts for good reason. Providing a beautiful silky smooth response across the entire audio range the HD650's really do make your music come to life, with every last detail present.

The HD650 earpads are circumaural, which means over the ear, and are very comfortable indeed for long term listening."

and also dont forget the headphone amp...

"We often recommend a dedicated headphone amplifier with the Sennheiser HD650's as portable devices, such as the iPod, and even many Hi-Fi integrated amps will have trouble driving these 300 ohm headphones with any authority."

articlefound here:
Best Headphones - Review of the Top 10 Best Headphones

with some other good reading here: - Headphone Reviews and News Blog - HiFi Headphone Store

hope it helps,




Cheers Bill, but i dont want to go down the Headphones route just yet. I wear a hearing aid all day in work. So it's nice to sit down at home and relax without something sticking in your ear all the time.
As i previously mentioned.I am not totally deaf,not just yet anyway,and therefore i have decided to sell my current set up. The only frustrating part is that although i have now come to the conclusion to buy seperates. I have no idea how to set them up. So not only do i have hearing loss but i now have a great big headache.I have read the forums on various topics and now my head is buzzing.I have decided to buy the following(unless someone advises otherwise)
Onkyo TX SR607(Richer Sounds)
Q Acoustics 1010i 5:1 Speaker package(Richer Sounds)
LG BD390 dvd player(not sure about this player but i want one that is hdmi and with a usb port that will play externall hdd in ntfs if that is at all possible, oh and not forgetting multi region

This will be connected to my current LG60PG700
and SKY+HD

Problem i now will have is that i wont know how to connect them up and i certainly wont know how to tune in the Onkyo so that i get higher volume in dialogue.All i want is to sit in the comfort of my own home and enjoy tv as most normal people do.So anyone living near to Bangor North Wales and is prepared to help me out i would gladly pay fuel costs etc.
Any advice much appreciated.


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You will need to set the reciever up manually since any auto set up will try to balance the output from all the speakers. You actually want the centre speaker to be higher than the other ones.
Connecting all your items to the reciever should not be too hard. Just go about it in a logical order. There will be a lot of cables but it should not be too complicated once you get started. Once connected it is just a matter of going through the etup menus again in a logical order. Just follow the manual and you should be OK. You will need to measure the distance from each of the speakers to your listening position and enter these in. You then should have a levels section for each speaker where a test tone will be played from each speaker in turn. You would normally adjust the levels so that all speakers produce the same level of sound. But as above you actually want to boost the centre speaker. Try adding 5 or 6 dB to it to start above the L/R speakers and see how that sounds. Then tweak up or down so it sounds how you want it.
Unfortunately I am down in South Wales so a bit far to get to you.


Thanks for that PSM1,will be gettting rid of my stuff first, shame i wasn't still living in South Wales i would have gladly paid you.I am originally from Carmarthen and visit my family regularly:hiya:

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