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I have only recently entered the 21st century and bought a Sharp LC26P50 so I know little about LCD TV. I have recently noticed that I can lose the audio sync. I primarily use a Freeview box but I think I have seen the same problem on terrestrial. The problem seems to occur when I have been watching a particular channel for a while but switching to another channel and then back again can cure the problem. Do I have a problem with my TV, Freeview box or is this a ‘feature’ :lease:


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As far as I know it's a fairly common problem and there are even devices to overcome the problem.
I found this explanation:
"There are many causes of lip sync error, where the sound is heard slightly ahead of a person's lips moving. One cause is display technology itself - plasma and LCD screens use sophisticated image processing for great pictures. But this processing takes time and causes the image to appear slightly after the sound. In addition, television broadcasts themselves can suffer from lip sync error too."

No doubt someone will correct me if I'm wrong and offer a more technical explanation


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The transmissions are not as pure and wholesome as one might expect. Coupled with a miniscule delay in picture processing (no more than 1/25 second in duration) this can throw audio far enough ahead of picture to make it noticeable.

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