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I've downloaded the FOTR WM9 AC3 OAR sample to check out some WM9 hidef. the video runs nice and smooth but the sound is way out of sync ( 5 secs ahead ). Is this due to an underspec pc ( Athlon 2100 and Radeon 9200 ) or is this a codec/filter problem? Using WM9 (obviously) with the AC3 filter 0.70b.


If you're talking about the clip which has been floating around the last month or so then I think it is 1920x1080 so would require something like a P4 3.0+ to playback without dropping frames and losing sync.


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Thanks, thought so.
I just watched a HD t.s. clip of The Two Towers on my Z2.Makes dvd look mighty soft. I can't wait now for blu-ray/hd-dvd now.

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