Audio sync problems in iPod video


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Hi chaps

I have downloaded copies of The I.T. Crowd from the web and have converted these using Videora to an MP4 format for the iPod video. However, on playback the audio is out of sync with the video. I have taken a quick lookat the iLounge pages and they mention using Pocket Divx Encoder to resolve this problem - but this only appears to work with DVD rips and not the WMV format the file was in originally.

Anyone any ideas how I can resolve this problem with Windows Media Files ?



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There was something on ilounge about solving this - a coding fix - go to the ipod section and search - there are thousands of post's on this prob.

Good luck.


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Cheers Happy Tab - please don't take this the wrong way but I have seen many posts onthe iLounge referring to this problem - and most of them say the same "...try using the Search button..."

After you have been through 2 dozen similar messages, you tend to get a little dis-heartened.

Also, the advice given in the sticky refers to using Pocket Divx Encoder, which according to others works OK, but when I tried it the application is configured to only encode video files - which the WMV format is not classed as.

Anyone else managed to crack this with WMV files ?



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check that your encoding frame rate is identical to the original video, if if that means setting it manually, otherwise the number of frames will not match and the video will finish before/after the audio eg out of sync

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