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Steve Adlem

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Some advice please. I have recently purchased an LG OLED tv and its been setup a week now. The picture is fantastic. However, im having issues with the voice/audio/lip syncing as its slightly out from watching the screen to hearing. Its quite annoying. Im sure this is a subject people have discussed before and im hoping to find a fix.

I have a Freeview box connected to an AV receiver which gives 5.1 surround. Most channels seem to be an issue.
Last night i turned off the PVR and surround and just used the tv itself and it seemed to work great.
So does that mean theres something wrong with the PVR or AMP or cabling? The AMP is second hand and put in while the new tv was installed, but everything works speaker wise, so im currently at a loss regarding where to start to find a fix.
I would like to have the surround sound and use the Freeview box but its, as ive said previously, annoying.

Any help and advice much appreciated.


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I would check the set-up or sound menus on the AVR and/or PVR for any audio delay / lip-sync settings - this will allow you to set a small delay (measured in milliseconds) which may help.


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I too am worried about the lack of sync between sound and pictures. It is generally caused by the pictures going through multple processors called field or frame stores in the transmission chain delaying the pictures plus the tv itself. The audio should be delayed by the same amount each time, but obviously is not!

As I see it, the only way is to put a variable sound delay device on the input to the sound system.

There are 2 manufacturersof these devices,both in the USA. Felton make the DD740, which gives 580ms, and the Motron RTS200c can do 86seconds. Both cost about £200.

They both have the advantage of remote controls so you can adjust the sync by eye, which is probally the only way!

Has anyone tried either of these devices?

Please report, thanks, Peter Beard.

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