Audio settings questions – LG TV and LG soundbar

Hi all!

First of all, I’m a total newbie, so bear with me 😊 …and bear with my less-than-optimal English.

I’ve done quite a bit of searching, but haven’t found the solution for my exact question. So, the question is about settings on my new LG TV and LG soundbar.


· LG 4K 75” NanoCell 926 with eArc, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, 120 Hz, HDR 10 Pro, Filmmaker Mode, FreeSync, VRR, ALLM, SimpLink CEC.

· LG SN11RG 7.1.4 soundbar with eArc, Dolby Atmos, SimpLink, HDMI connected from eArc on soundbar to eArc on TV

· XBOX series S, connected to 4K 120 Hz HDMI port on TV

· Chromecast Ultra plugged into ordinary HDMI-port on TV


· Netflix via built-in app, with 4K and Dolby Atmos when available

· Streaming 720p/1080p content, sometimes with 5.1 audio (non-4K/non-Dolby Atmos) via built-in app OR/AND via Chromecast

· XBOX gaming, with best available image quality/settings/audio. Mostly games available with game pass

Q1: What are correct/optimal audio settings? As of right now, settings are (translated from Norwegian):

· Audio output: HDMI (ARC)

· Audio, advanced settings:

o Dolby Atmos enabled (but greyed out).

o DTV audio Auto. (options are Auto, MPEG, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, HE-AAC)

o HDMI audio input format: HDMI 1 (Chromecast input) Bitstream, (options are PCM or Bitstream)

o Digital Audio output Auto (options are Auto, PCM, Passthrough),

o eArc support enabled

Q2: Sound/volume from rear speakers is really low, if present at all. Stupid question, but is this simply due to wrong sound settings, or is the rear speaker volume/sound generally much lower than center/front speakers? Or do the rear speakers typically kick in only when there are certain surround effects in the movie/content? (I guess the rears are silent when there is only 2.1 audio)

Q3: Which is better: streaming (non-4K, non-Dolby Atmos) content via built-in app, or via Chromecast?

Q4: When firing up the XBOX: will image and audio settings adapt, so that optimal conditions for gaming is in effect? E.g. “Game Mode” or the “Game Optimizing” setting


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Have you turned off your TV Speakers.
Have you got your sound on the TV set to "Pass-Through". so TV is bypassed, the TV eARC HDMI sends everything straight to the sound bar.
Have you downloaded the Lg Sound bar App, Android or Apple to control the sound bar it works by bluetooth so you have to change the function on the hand controller back to ARC but you can hear what your doing in real time.
Hi edavide, thanks for taking the time.

The answer is "yes" to all suggestions. Thank you, they are all great tips.

I have tested some Netflix titles, both with 5.1 and Atmos. The 5.1 title (Baby Driver) gave great surround effects (after turning up rear volume). The Atmos title (6 Underground) was less impressive, unfortunately. Not sure why. I guess creators have very varying emphasis on the audio experience in their titles.

Anyway - still haven't figured out the main problem, which is dead rears when streaming of (confirmed) 5.1 audio content from my country's biggest broadcaster via built-in app and via Chromecast.

Thanks again. Feel free to provide more thoughts and suggestions.

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