Audio set up problem.


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Please help!
I recently purchased a Goodmans LD2255D 22" HD ready LCD TV.

I've connected my PS3 to it using a hdmi lead.

My problem is that i want to connect speakers to it. My speaker system does not have hdmi or a optical. digital connections, which leaves me with the av/scart setting.

I've adjusted the settings on the ps3 so that the video is running through hdmi and the sound is coming through the av/scart/phono setting, but I get no sound. when i switch the audio to hdmi i only get sound through the tv.

Plaese can anyone help? It's driving me nuts!:lease:


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Connect the av multi cable to the ps3, and the red and white plugs to the aux input of your stereo amp.

Select sound settings on your ps3 and select av multi, it'll select just 2ch.

Then select auxi on your stereo amp and the audio from the ps3 will play through your amp's speakers.

No audio will be sent over hdmi to the tv with this method, ps3 can only output audio over one method at a time, hdmi, optical, or av multi.

Alternatively configure your ps3 to output audio over hdmi to your tv (again it'll select 2ch), and connect your tv's audio output to the aux input of your stereo amp with a phono cable (red and white for right and left). :smashin:


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Sorry mate i'm not sure what you're trying to do now... how are you going to power the speakers? What will control the volume?

You can't just connect speakers to a ps3... You need an amplifier to drive them.

Speakers always need an amp mate... Does your "speaker system" / "subwoofer system" have an amp built in to it? What connections does it have?

What exactly are you trying to connect up? How are you trying to connect the speakers to the ps3?

You have a source (cd player, ps3, dvd player, tv etc), this connects to an amplifier (stereo amp, av receiver, hi-fi system, etc) which processes the audio and powers the speakers connected to it. Sometimes the source or the speakers might have an amp built in to them but an amp has to be involved somewhere - it controls the volume, powers the speakers etc.

Sorry if that's stating the obvious, but your post isn't making any sense! :smashin:
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The speakers and subwoofer are part of a home cinema kit. Wharfedale DS-5957.
I'm not very good with all this technical stuff as you can probably tell. I'm guessing that the Subwoofer has a built in amp, it has volume, treble, bass and subwoofer volume on the front of the unit. the back has only connections for input, the 2 speakers that came with the unit and output, for the red and white leads.
The red and white leads are currentley connected to a scart expansion socket, which is connected to the back of my tv. I have tried to plug the red and white leads directly into the relevent red and white sockets at the back of the tv but for some reason, it wont produce any sound from them. the only port that'll produce sound for these speakers is the scart, which will produce sound from speakers and tv, or, the headphone socket which will only produce sound from the speakers and not the tv.
Ultimitaltly, what I would like to achieve is to be able to get sound from these speakers when using my PS3 and DVD player. at the moment it is the PS3 i'm having trouble with as i can get sound from the DVD player.
Hope that made some sense.


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Ok mate i think i understand your set up... :)

So your ps3 is connected to tv with hdmi and your dvd player to tv with scart - this gives picture and audio from each to the tv.

Your tv should then have an audio output on it - rca phono style red and white connectors.

Your home cinema sounds like a 2.1ch system with an amp built in to it. Does it have the dvd player as part of it?

The red and white rca phono style connectors on it should be an input. There may be more than one input, and if so they might be named - aux1, aux2, or tv, or something.

Connect your tv's audio output to the audio input on the home cinema system with a phono cable, red for right and white for left.

This should give the audio of anything on the tv going through the home cinema system.

There may be some sort of selector on the system, to select which input is being used - you may need to change the input to whatever the input is that you connected the tv to - aux1, or tv, or whatever it is called.

Hope that helps? :smashin:


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Hi again. :eek:
I really appreciate your help on this mate. but still unable to get sound through speakers when using the PS3.
As I mentioned earlier, the PS3 is connected directly to my tv with a hdmi cable.
The dvd player is connected via a multi scart adaptor, along with my wii. the red and white phono leads that are connected to the amp are also plugged into the scart adaptor and I am able to get sound through both the tv and the speskers when I use either one of these devices.
I have tried to connect the red and white leads into the back of the tv, but get no sound from the ps3 at all when I select the av multi lead option in the audio menu. I have tried to connect the ps3 audio cable directly to the amp as suggested but this fails to work too. Am I simply doing something wrong or could this be a larger problem? Sorry to keep hassling you bout this!


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I'm a little bit baffled by your cabling, what is connected to what. Personally i'd disconnect everything and start from scratch, as it would seem something's wrong somewhere and it would be easier for you...

Your sound system - is it just a sound system on its own, no dvd player included? And it consists of a sub and 2 speakers, and the amp is built in to it?

The inputs for the system appear to be just rca phono.

So, you would connect as follows-

ps3 to tv with hdmi
dvd player to tv with scart
wii to tv with whatever it is a wii connects up with
this sorts all your units out and has audio and video from each going to the tv. Check that this all works.

Then set up your sound system, at this time it should have nothing connected to it.
Connect your tv's audio output (ensure it's the output, not an input) with a phono cable to the input of the sound system. Ensure the sound system is switched to that input if there's more than one.

This should give you audio from anything on the tv going to the system.


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Thanks again.
Checked the tv connections. the only audio output on the tv is for DVB-T digital audio output. there is no output for red and white phono leads. there is only input.
is this why I'm having the problems? and if so am i stuffed because my amp has no digital audio input socket or optical. just red and white.



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I can't find a page on the Wharfdale website for your system, and the only specs I've found were on a comparision site :rolleyes:

So if you can tell us the following we should eb able to help :)

What connections does your TV have and how many? Inputs and Outputs?

For example:
HDMI in?
Stereo audio in (red and white phonos)?
composite in (yellow phono)?

What connections does your Subwoofer/ Amp have? Inputs and outputs?

For example:
HDMI out?
HDMI in?
Stereo audio in (red and white phonos)?

What connections does your DVD player have?

HDMI out?
Stereo oudio out (red and white phonos)?

Which of these connections are used by the system at the moment?


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My connections are as follows:

Goodmans 22" LCD TV LD2255D

Component input Green Blue & Red, with Red and White audio input.
AV2 input, red and white audio and yellow video
DVB-T digital audio output.
It also has connections for headphones, PC monitor and PC/HDMI audio.

Sony DVD Player DVP-NS330

Stereo audio out, red and white and yellow video.

Wharfedale DS-5957 home cinema

Stereo audio in. Red and White.

Here is how I have my current set up.
PS3 to TV using HDMI cable.
X-Box 360 connected directly to tv using component cables.
4-way Scart selector connected to Scart socket at back of tv
DVD player connected to scart selector
Nintendo Wii connected to Scart selector
speakers connected to wharfedale stereo amp
wharfedale stereo amp connected to RCA outputs on Scart selector.

With this set up I am able to get sound through my speakers and tv for the dvd and wii only.

I get sound from the tv only for the tv, PS3 and X-Box 360.
I would like to be able to get sound through the speakers and tv for these devices. Primarily the PS3.
I have tried all sorts of connection options and have adjusted the sound options on the ps3 but nothing seems to work. at the moment if i set my sound settings to av/multi audio on the ps3 i get no sound at all.

Hope that made sense. :lease:


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Connect your ps3, dvd player, and wii to the tv as normal.

Check that for each you have video and audio going to the tv. Switch on the tv, check each one works, etc.

The sound system should not be connected to anything at this point.

Then, as it appears you have no phono output on your tv, but only phono input on your sound system, you need a 3.5mm jack to phono cable (male to male).

Connect the 3.5mm jack end into the headphone socket in the tv, and the red/white phono ends to the phono input on your sound system.

This should give you whatever is on the tv going through your sound system.

If you want to switch from sound system audio to tv audio, simply unplug the 3.5mm jack from the headphone socket.

Surely we've cracked it now? :D :smashin:
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Or you could add one of THESE:D


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Good call, it'd work for the ps3 and xbox360 etc, with the phono outputs going to the switchbox (ps3 connected via av multi), and the switchbox then connected to the sound system.

However he wants tv audio through the sound system too, and the only way i can see to do that is via 3.5mm to phono cable.

So if he does that, there's no need for the switchbox, as everything on the tv will be sent to the sound system anyway!
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