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Just purchased 51" F8500 and need some advice on the best connection setup for audio performance.
I have a SkyHD box connected to an Onkyo unit via hdmi and from there to tv, (hdmi), I have just obtained an optical audio lead. Am I right in thinking this goes from the SkyHD box to the onkyo? What about the optical connection on the tv?


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Your TV supports Audio Return Channel (ARC) so you would not need an optical cable IF your Onkyo unit supports it.

The optical cable will indeed be connected from the Sky+HD box to the Onkyo unit to receive Dolby Digital 5.1. Sky+HD boxes only output stereo over HDMI.


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Thanks for the info, not sure if the onkyo supports ARC as its only a basic £300 sound system, will check model online, if not compatable will look to upgrade.


Recent Onkyo amplifier/receivers do have ARC, but some sound systems may not.
It can be useful, but it can also cause problems, so it's not a reason on its own to update.
The question about Sky PVRs has been answered many times in the relevant forum.
However it's rumoured that 5:1 will soon be available on their HDMI socket so the optical will not be necessary.
Optical from TV to amp usually provides audio only from the TV's tuner, which is hardly worth having.

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