Audio receiver with the Web GUI

Hi all,

I have been using older Yamaha receiver with Raspberry PI connected, where I installed Volumio for playing the music. What I very like with this setup that I can run internet radio, but also to listen to the music from Spotify. However, not time has come to replace the receiver.

What I was being looking for was a good audio receiver or network streamer which I can control over Web GUI and listen to the music from different sources like internet radio, Spotify, Tidal, etc. Everything I could find in the the class of Yamaha/Denon/Marantz were receivers that have very nice Android or iOS apps, but without a good Web GUI support for playing music from PC web browser. All these receivers have certain Web GUI, but they look like they were developed in 90s.

Can anyone recommend the receiver producer and/or model that has a good Web GUI support for controlling the device (something similar to Volumio)? Does it even exist?

Thank you for the help!

Best regards.

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