audio problem (what cable do i need)


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hi im a my wits end ,i have a tv and a home surround system.my problem is gettin the sound from me tv to come though the hss.the connections on the tv r as follows 2 hdmi ports.a vga port. a side audio/video conection point.a head phone point. the suround dvd player has these connections as follows, audio in aux,video out video,video out y pb pr. now is there a cable i can aquire ?ive tried lots of cables and still no joy.on my hss there is only aux ,dvd n radio on the source button.i think im pretty clued up on this kind of stuff but for the life of me i can not sort this,im thinkin its not possible?if so can somone put me out me misery,need advice from som1 who knows ther stuff .cheers


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You will probably be able to do it using the aux input. If the tv has an audio out phono connection you can use that if not use the headphone socket. You will need a 3.5mm to phono lead or phono to phono lead, then set the hss to aux. It wont sound great but it should work!
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