Audio Problem on Amstrad Box


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Every so often on sky, the sound disappears for about 1 sec then comes back on, does it at random, but at least every hour it happens, really annoying when we record something, the box is quite a few years old and its been doing it for a while now, but been too lazy.

Any ideas why this happens? Have updated the software but no effect. Is it time to buy a new box? dont want sky+

Anyone recommend a new sky box to buy?

Much appreciated


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Any problems with the picture (glitches etc)? That could point to a signal problem.
Does it do it on all the audio outputs (tv scart, vcr scart, rf and phonos)?
Is it every channel or particular ones?

You need to make sure that the digibox is the problem and not something else otherwise you will be kicking yourself when your new box does the same.
Can you borrow a friends digibox to try on your system, it will help to isolate the problem.


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Does it on all channels (sky) have it connected to my dvd recorder which is them output to my amp. Picture wise its perfect. Will try to get hold of someones digibox and see if it still does it. :)

Fred Smith

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Which model Amstrad, there are four?


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Also worth connecting the digibox direct to the amp, the DVD recorder could be the cause assuming you haven't already tried that obvious experiment:)

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