Audio problem L37G10 TV to hifi


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I'm trying to hook up my old Technics hifi to my new-ish L37G10 Panasonic TV.

I've tried headphone jack to phono, and audio out (L & R) to phono, but either way I get a very fuzzy, poor sound quality. I've played around with the sound settings on the TV but nothing seems to work. The cables are working with other systems, and I have had a Creature speaker set hooked up via the headphone jack and that worked fine - so I'm not sure where the problem is.

The Technics only has the 2 phono sockets plus something called 'Dat' which I don't really understand.


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DAT = digital audio tape
This is a very old format but the input should be fine for line levels.
Do not connect to phono inputs = turntables the input is too sensitive.

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