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Evening all.

This will probably go all over the place, but I'll try get all my thoughts down and hopefully it'll make (some) sense.

My current setup is...
Old Onkyo amp
5.1 system
SkyQ HDR box
Nvidia Shield Pro
Philips Sync Box with Striplight

At the minute, the Shield and SkyQ box are connected to the Sync Box.
Sync Box connected to the TV.
Optical out from the TV to the amp.

Obviously the optical restricts my audio output options, so I'd like to take the tv out of the decoding loop. But seeing as I'm the only one in my family that appreciates surround sound, I need to keep the basic tv speakers as an output option.

So I think to cut through the faff, is it possible to have an amp that'll take the output from the sync box, decode whatever digital signal comes from the sync box and send to the surround system, but allow the basic stereo sound to be sent to the TV? And even better, send the stereo signal to the TV with the amp turned off until we want surround sound?

Hope that made sense! :blush:

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