Audio output from Sony BDP-S350 thru Sony DDWG800


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Hey all,

I have this player and I just bought the 5.1 system (Sony DDWG800) and am wondering whether or not I am outputting DolbyTrueHD 5.1 into my amp correctly. I know that the BD player outputs DolbyTrueHD, but it doesn't decode the DTS-MA tracks.

What should it show on the amps display? And what should the players audio settings be set to?

The Discs I have to test out are:-

Dolby TrueHD Tracks:
I Am Legend and Batman Begins

English PCM 5.1:
Casino Royale and Bladerunner The Final Cut

and also Hellboy 2 which has the English DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 (which I believe will output as 5.1 as my 350 doesn't output DTS-MA, am I right?)

Any ideas what my TrueHD discs and English PCM 5.1 should be showing then when I test them out?

All help appreciated :)

P.S. I'm still not sure what the difference between PCM and normal 5.1 is :S


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This is only from what i read before buying the 800.
But i dont think your getting anything other than DTS or whatever.
As the Amp doesnt decode the HD stuff, its can just play it via pcm if its already coverted from what i gather.
So mine will work, as the PS3 outputs decoded (pcm), so the amp will play HD. Though ive not tried it yet, only arrived today, and moving tom.

As for the display, it wont ever show HD or whatever, as its not decoding it. So even on mine, it wont say its playing anything other than DTS maybe.

Again, this is only info i gathered when buying.

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