Audio-only feed for BBC News


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Mar 3, 2022
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Cheltenham, GB
Audio-only feed for BBC News

With all the recent Covid news and now war in Ukraine, we seem to have the BBC News channel playing on a TV an awful lot. But wandering around the house during the day I would like to be able to listen to the TV sound only over either my LMS/Picoreplayer system or my Sonos portable (Roam) wifi speaker.

Can anyone help with a way to get the audio-only stream from either the BBC Iplayer feed, another web feed or from my internal stream that comes from my TV streaming box (Vbox)? The URL for the feed from my local box looks like this:
http://192.168.xx.xx:55555/ChannelList.m3u8 for all channels
and then for the news channel:

These feeds play back fine in VLC and Kodi but I just want the audio to stream to a speaker! But I've tried putting the URL into the Sonos interface (adding a radio station) and it just plays crackles and pops and LMS just doesn't accept the URL at all, unless perhaps there's a plugin that I don't know about.

Can anyone help please?

Please don't suggest:
Bluetooth - this does not have the range around the house and it would cut the sound from the TV speaker so my wife would complain!
BBC World Service radio - as great as it might be, it's currently broadcasting a programme about cookery - not exactly breaking news! And I would like to be able to continue listening to the same programme on TV and elsewhere in the house.

Many thanks for reading.
What about something in the Apple range, using Airplay? For example, I can use my Mac as a source and airplay to any number of devices on my home network. I’ve not investigated concurrency though.
Thanks for your thoughts. I really don't need any more hardware as the streaming box (Vbox) that I have already streams broadcast TV around the house over ethernet and wifi and I can pick it up with anything that plays video and audio. It's just that audio only devices like speakers can't process the stream.

I just need to find a way to separate the audio stream from the feed.

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