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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by MongoUK, Jan 8, 2017.

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    Hi guys,

    New here, quick ramble...

    After a couple of impromptu purchases, I'm starting to wade into my own setup.

    Currently, I setup is only an LG 42" LED TV (unsure of model currently), Virgin TV, Panasonic SA-BTT190 5.1 home theatre and an XBOX One.

    Up until very recently, we hadn't even gotten the surround sound setup due to SWMBO being awkward with me faffing with levels before we stuck a film on. I did manage to get it sorted to a level where I can hear dialogue over bass....

    I made the decision to buy an Optoma HD141X DLP projector and Luxburg 90" screen.
    I was looking at an HDMI matrix so that I could output to either the TV or projector, when I was pointed to getting an AV receiver instead.

    Long story short, I've got a Sony STR-DN1060 inbound, and am now looking for a 5.1/7.1 setup as I (now foolishly I realise due to 6 ohm/3 ohm) assumed that I could use the surround from the Panasonic.

    Having had a quick scout about I've seen some Tannoy SFX 5.1's, which I'm looking at as a starting point, with a view to upgrade later on.

    I haven't got the ear yet for the subtleties of a great system, but am looking for a serviceable surround for films/sport/gaming while I increase my knowledge and expectation.

    Can anyone advise if this sounds ok as a 'starter' setup or advise if there's anything I should be looking out for?

    Apologies for the essay!!

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