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Not sure where to post this on AVForums if a Mod decides it should be elsewhere then OK but please PM me as to where it has been moved.
My problem is configuring a brand new TV with a 2013 integrated BluRay player / 5,1 amp.
Firstly what I want to achieve Not apparent on direct BRP/Amp
For normal viewing the TV speakers are better than expected and perfectly adequate for watching general TV.
For watching films from any source then I would like to use the 5.1 system. I cannot use the 5.1 system continuosly even with some material due to other halfs hearing problems ( strange but can only describe as audio confusion,. She can just about accept sound in a cinema which of course is a far bigger sound stage than I can realise).
So I would like the option occasionally to optionally defer sound from the TV to the 5.1 audio and switch back.
5.1 system has 2 HDMI inputs and one earc HDMI out. TV has 4 HDMI with one earc #3 input. Connecting these results in audio being sent to 5.1 system continuously but this is not what I want!
So then thought just connect BRP/Amp to non earc HDMI input on TV to play BluRays)and connect sound via optical .
But using this configuration kills sound stone dead on all input?


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If you connect the sound system to TV via the ARC sockets on each as you have done, then you should be able to switch between TV speakers and external speakers via the TV's sound menu ?

On a Panasonic TV, it's via Menu / Sound / Speaker Selection, but other makes should have a similar option.

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