Audio lag in dts

Don't get it with the ps4 so somethings not right.
Console > hdmi > TV > optical > 5.1 dts system.
Xbox set to bitsream and dts via hdmi.
TV set to optical out, bit stream.
I know its not ideal but that's what I've got. If I choose stereo uncompressed I get zero lag, but as soon as I switch to bitsream there's very noticeable audio lag.
Set audio sync on the tv to zero, tried pcm but only sends stereo via optical.

A quick Google shows its a common issue only really fixed by a direct console to home theater optical connection, but just wondering if anyone here had a solution.

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The make and model of your TV and receiver would be helpful.
In my sig but doesn't show on moble it seems.
Samsung q9fn connected via optical to logitech z906.

After much Internet trawling I've found there is no fix, dts is better than dd, but still not perfect. Bought another optical cable and wired the xbox directly to the amp which works perfectly. Wanted a solution that doesn't involve switching inputs but doesn't seem possible.

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