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I am having a slight (bit very irritating) problem with my onboard audio hardware (Realtek ALC833). The 3.5mm microphone in jack causes some very strange sounding background noise. A 10 second recording of said noise can be heard here.

I know some of the noise is picked up from my computer's rather loud fans and such, but the noise I am referring to is the odd screeching and and regular beeps. It is not caused by the microphone itself, as I have tried it with a USB audio device.

Any explanations and/or solutions?

By the way, I apologise if this is in the wrong forum. I was not sure whether I should post in the audio forum or computers.


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I realise how simply this is but have you tried updating the drivers and checking to see if they are installed properly? In the case that you have done this and all is well with the driver this could just be the fact that the onboard sound device is just getting old, capacitors don't last forever. Might just need a new solution, there not expensive nowadays only around 10-15 bucks.


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That is functional earth noise - interference from the power supply coming down the earthing cable.

Try a USB audio output, or if a laptop, disconnect the PSU.

You can also use Hum blockers. Maplin sell these for less than £10. Called earth lifters or hum buckers, they use a transformer to de-couple the earth signal. Halfords used to sell them for in car audio as well. Not sure if they still do.


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i had a simalar prob then i updated the drivers and all is good now


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Is this from the front jack? If it is i had a similar problem, its interference, to fix it all I done was moved the wire connecting the jack to the MB away from the electronics and the nose went :)


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If the problem is a grounding hum, try connecting all devices (eg. PC and receiver) to the same mains outlet. You can also try running a temporary earth cable to a radiator pipe as a test. If everything is well grounded, the hum disappears. If it makes no difference, then it's some other interference, and not ground hum.

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