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TV - KD43XH8505
Sound Bar - HT-X8500

I am having some issues with the A/V Sync button on the Sound Bar but Sony is in contact with me so hopefully that will get sorted. Looking at the settings on the TV though has brought up another question. Here are my settings.

A Virgin Media V6 box is plugged into HDMI1 and the Sound Bar is plugged unto eARC on both the TV and the Sound Bar

HDMI signal format is on Enhanced for HDMI1 and HDMI3(eARC)

A/V sync - Auto
eARC mode - Off
Digital audio out - Auto 2
Dolby Digital Plus output - Dolby Digital Plus
Pass through mode - Auto

The question is with the above settings, when I press the information button on the TV it brings up some information like 1080i, 16:9 and Wide mode: Full, but nothing for the Audio

If I change eARC mode to On and then press the information button again the Audio information shows saying DD or DD+ depending on the Channel.

Does this have any effect on what comes out of the Sound Bar? This Setting doesn’t seem to have any effect on the apps, Netflix still shows Atmos for some shows (If I change Digital audio out to PCM then Atmos changes to 5.1 on Netflix) But having it off does seem to have corrected an audio sync problem for now which showed up on some shows. Shouldn’t eARC mode be be left on though to make use of eARC or am I not understanding something here and its not needed in this instance?

Thanks for any help


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