Audio From PC Using DVI to DMI on Pan 42PV500


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I'll be getting my new Pan 42PV500 soon :thumbsup: and in the meantime I have been reading the manual from Panasonic's web page.

On page 14 it states you can select the Audio when using HDMI to Auto, Digital or Analogue (via DVI adaptor).
I plan to use the latter from but the L&R phonos will already be used for the component source (DVD).

Is there an alternative other than splitting/switching the audio?

How does everyone else input audio from component and HDMI simultaneously?

Also on page 54 it says that 'the HDMI is not intented for use with computers' Why not ? :confused:

I'll be using a 10m DVi to HDMI cable....Is this 'too long'?


'the HDMI is not intented for use with computers'
Because it does not take computer resolutions, they overscan, it's a pain in the butt, and because they provide a computer input elsewhere. Your life will be simpler if you just use it like they tell you.


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So ami better off using the VGA input for PV input?

I'll mainly be viewing stills and showing the odd HD demo.
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