Question Audio Extractor for HDMI ARC to Analogue RCA/3.5mm 2 Channel Only


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Dec 31, 2003
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I have a Panny TX-40CS520B & just purchased a pair of PreSonus Eris 3.5 Active monitor speaker, these are great budget monitors by the way! I was fed up with the terrible sound from the built-in tv speakers hence the purchase of the monitors.

Sources are very simple. TV's onboard Freeview & a NowTV box connected via HDMI.

The sound is now much improved, I can now hear dialogue! The current audio connection is from the Panny headphone socket 3.5mm to RCA inputs on the Presonus monitors.

I may as well try to get the best sound quality i can. Whether better SQ is achievable or not I am unsure. This leaves the HDMI ARC connector spare to try.

The monitors have no digital or optical connections. There appear to be sub £20 HDMI ARC extractors available (Amazon) that purport to be able to convert & extract 2 channel analogue audio from the HDMI ARC connection. If so then I can again connect via the same RCA or the 3.5mm aux-in socket on the PreSonus.

If it works, I am guessing sound quality may well be the same?

Anyone think it's worth a try?
You could use the TV Optical Out or ARC plus a suitable converter - a reliable Optical to 2RCA converter will be less costly than an ARC enabled HDMI converter and low cost HDMI Converters can be less than reliable.

Thanks Joe.

I got in from work just before you posted, with a couple of small amazon packages. One was a 0.5m rca2 to rca2 cable.

The other was one of these ARC Extractors, having done some brief research of similar products.

I hadn’t thought about using the SPDIF Out. . . . .I’d actually forgotten it had one!

Anyhoo, all connected up, tv audio set to output 2 channel PCM, luckily the Panny’s USB seems to provide enough juice to power the Extractor using the supplied cable.

Both sources sound just fine, especially Sky Movies via the NowTV box. Handshaking is a minor issue with the NowTV box but nothing too annoying.

Another mention for the PreSonus monitors. For anyone who does not want a soundbar, has limited space, & who wants to upgrade their TV’s sound I cannot recommend these active monitors enough. They are an absolute steal for the bargain price of £83
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