Audio dropouts on Sky footie


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Getting a bit sick of the continual audio dropouts on most of sky HD footie, have seen other posts with people having the same issues, are sky likely to do anything about it?

I am happy with the PQ but surely they must sort this out!



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yeah i have noticed this too lately, was wondering if it was my kit but obviously not!

sure hope they sort it out, we pay enough extra for those channels.


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They're clearly not that bothered about this issue. It's obviously not affecting a large enough percentage of their subscriber base; you can bet your bottom dollar that if the clamour was loud enough they'd do something about it. Personally, I find it incredibly irritating. Friends and family come round to watch HD football on the projector and are blown away by it, only to have the whole experience compromised by the sound issue. "Why does the sound keep going?" etc. Very annoying! :mad:

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