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Hi folks

I have finally convinced the missus that a plasma would look perfect in our new house and that the mortgage should be stretched just that wee bit further.

I fancy the PA20 BUT, i remember a lot of worry a year or so ago about audio delay when watching DVDs etc, and that the amp settings had to be changed. I have a Denon 3802 amp and will be using either my old sony dvp 725 dvd player or my pioneer 565. Will i have problems with delay/dubbing and can i rectify this?




Hi Bill ihave just purchased a pa20 2 weeks a go and have had very very few issues with audio delay on Sky and no issues on DVD's. My dvd player is the panny sc-ht900.

I guess if i was going to have the odd issue it would be on a minor channel on sky but apart from that the PA20 is fantastic. You wont regret it.



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Audio delay is normally more of a problem when you start processing the video signal more by using an external scaler or progressive out from your DVD player...this is because it takes longer to process the video progressively and hence the video and audio can get out of sync (normally called lipsync). People's ability to detect lipsync varies, some find it easy to notice, others don't. The other issue is that moving from a 22" TV to a 42" plasma you can see people's mouths much more and hence it is easier to see when audio is no in sync with the video.

As time goes on, more audio delay devices are appearing on the market and newer external scalers like the Iscan HD now even have built-in audio delay features. Also more and more AV amps now have a global delay option to try and remedy audio delay problems...

If you are concerned, try and have a demo of the PA20 using a prog scan DVD player and see how you think things look...

Good luck with the PA20, I'm sure you will love it :)



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thanks for the feedback guys - August can't come quick enough!!

Though i guess the new model will be out then?

Does anyone use a denon 3802 with a plasma? i can't seem to find any delay settings, unless speaker distance counts as this?


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