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Hi all
I've got a fairly basic TV set up at home but it's driving me mad..

I have a Sony Bravia TV - Sony Bravia Blu Ray Surround system - Tivo Box & Bose Surround.

None of it talk to each other - the TV does not have digital audio out or HDMI return. So to get the TV to talk to the Sony Surround system (which has the WORST sound ever) i had to go via phone. Rubbish.
Enter the new Tivo box - I guess I could play digital audio from the TV I'm receiving from the Tivo straight to the Sony Surround blue ray? BUT - i would need to change the speakers from the Sony surround because they are so awful to the Bose speakers - the Bose system only has 8 pin input (its quite old) so can I take audio OUT front the Blu Ray and into an 8 pin?
Also have an Apple TV - but i guess as that plays through HDMI into the TV that would just play out through the surround?
Or is there some other better way of doing it - i.e. get a big amplifier and plug everything into that?
Tempted to bin the lot...


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Damn - that looks serious. But about £400 too expensive..

Ive been reading a lot of good reviews about Logitech 5.1 speakers but they plug directly into a subwoofer so probably won't be compatible with the plugs coming out of the Blu Ray

Ideally someone could recommend a set of speakers that take standard speaker cables that deliver good mid and high range and excellent bass as the BDV e370 speakers are just dreadful.
I think the Bose i was given is missing a module or something as the12 pin connector on the back is some sort of data cable..


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There are cheaper options than the Yamaha. There are no speakers I'd recommend at your price point, sorry.



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If I was working on a budget id consider the follwing:

Onkyo TXSR309 Black | AV Receiver | Richer Sounds

Wharfedale DIAMOND 9.0 Black | Speakers Per Pair | Richer Sounds

Mordaunt Short ALUMNI 5 White | Single Centre | Richer Sounds

£240 all in (2 sets of spkrs). You would have to buy speaker wire as well but richer sounds cheapest stuff (99p a meter) would be fine for that system. I used those Wharfdales for a while until I could afford better and was surprised how good they sounded for their size and price. You could add a sub further down the line if you wanted.
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