Audio clipping/spikes when sending Blu-ray dts-ma (as PCM) on Denon 4306


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Hi all
I have noticed a few problem titles that are released by optimum uk on Bluray.
I use my pioneer bdp-lx91 to convert dts-ma to PCM and send to my denon avr-4306.
I have been getting loud audio pops/spikes on the speaker channels and I am concerned that I may cause damage to my speakers.
Now my thoughts were that the pioneer was at fault as it is doing the decoding. Now, I am starting to wonder if the fault could lie with the Denon? Has anyone ever experienced this with the denon?
Am I right to point the finger at pioneer??
Just to be clear, if you rewind and replay the point on the blu-ray, it won't happen again in the same place...
Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

Peter Galbavy

Not sure, but memory recollection is that firmware contained some sort of LPCM fix ? Which f/w are you on ?

Also, are you using Audyssey and does this occur with it on and off ?


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Thanks for the reply! I had no idea you could update the firmware. How can I do that or even check which one I am on?


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Also, I am not using Audyssey

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