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I've basically read back over the last years posts on SPDIF out to an external amp, and am still a little confused.....

I have a Soundblaster 4.1 soundcard which has SPDIF socket which I can connect to my amp, but want good quality sound.

I am prepared to buy the MAudio 410 card but only if the quality is noticably better. Is there really a difference in sound quality? There seem to be so many differing opinions.....

I only will be using this for movies so is there really a difference in sound quality from the different spdif sockets?

Thanks in advance....

Greg Hook

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I have just recently been in the same position as you.

All I have is a soundblaster live value sound card (probably a few models down from yours) with an s/pdif output.

I was quite prepared to buy a new soundcard but thought I would give it a go anyway, so I tried this out last week and was amazed first of all that it worked and also the quality of it.

I have it going into my Denon 3802 amp and could not tell the difference between the sound through the s/pdif output or the sound directly from my standalone DVD player to the amp.

Try it out and see what you think.

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