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Just in the process of preparing my living room for plastering and want to put some audio cable in for surround sound for future use.

Been looking at this cable Fisual S-Flex Studio Grade Speaker Cable 2 x 2.5mm - Fisual S-Flex - Audiovisual Online - Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

Would this be suitable for running in walls? Or would I be fine with just using something cheaper like qed 79 strand, or even just some no name stuff? Longest runs would be to the rear speakers and be about 12/13 metres if I run them up through living room ceiling and back down rear wall.

Room should look something like this when finished, with everything terminated at the TV.


Room length 4.85 metres and width 4.05 metres.

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"The white colour, flexibility and diameter of this cable make it ideal for running along skirting with minimal visual impact"
so that would be my method.
It's not clear exactly which speaker will be where - can you give more details about that?


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Planning on running speaker cables to each corner of the room. Under stairs will now be open.

Running cable under skirting would certainly use less cable and would eliminate running speaker cable near electrical cables in ceiling and walls, just have two door ways to contend with to get cable to back wall. Floor will be thick laminate so may be possible to run underneath if need be.

Also thinking now having a unit under TV for everything to go in may eat away at some precious space, so considering maybe a side board to go to the left of the TV to house everything.

Here's another view of the planned room.


The room is pretty much a blank canvas at the moment, ready to be boarded and plastered.


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It still looks like speaker cable at floor level would be practical.
A unit under the TV, with centre speaker on it, seems OK, but what's that on the wall under it now?

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