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Hi all

I am helping a charity out trying to set up multiple presentation screens along with a camera.

I have currently set up android tv boxes on 4 screens. Although I know this isn't ideal.

The charity want to be able to use a dedicated pc to display presentations and materials to 4+ screen around the building.

Additionally they want to capture audio and video so they can 1. Display them on the tvs. Also to love stream lectures I.e. fb Live.

I have read the tv signals can be sent over cat 5 or cat 6 cables with some form of connector at the tv.

What type of setup / device should I be looking at?
How would I go about doing this on a relatively small budget?



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Probably need some more information, as you are talking about a number of different things.

Yes, you can run HDMI over cat 5/6, normally over about 90-100m tops. You could use a matrix to send different signals to different tvs if so required.

Control could be from a PC so that anything on the screen can be sent to the other screens, including live streams etc.

You could also use a digital signage system to send data to the tvs via an Internet connection. This will run on the android boxes, but expect a few seconds delay.

A 3rd option might be a DVB modulator to take the HDMI signal and turn it into a TV channel running along ordinary coax. Easier to split the signal and distribute and more robust than cat 5

Does this help??


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Hi Noiseboy.

Thanks for your response.
So the main plan is to use the system as digital signage (day to day) and occasionally (1 to 2 times a month) use it to run powerpoints or presentations.

I guesstimate the maximum length the cables will have to run is around 20 to 30 meters.

I initially planned on android boxes fully however the lag and the reliability felt like an issue. Especially when you are trying to raise money.

I am normally all for future proofing and covering all bases, however that costs money and as this is a small charity I will be paying out of my own pocket.

I like the idea of a matrix but that sounds like money lol.

I didn't realise option 3 (DVB modulator) was a thing.

I did see some boxed on my Google searches that allow the use of cat5/6 cables with 'Baluns'. Like this I couldn't see one that allowed a camera for a feed back to the control pc.
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Cheapest option might be Airparrot, that does some of what you want.
  • captures PC desktop as real time video stream
  • can treat airplay, chromecast receivers as virtual monitors, you can clone or extend to.

This allows you to send the video stream of the desktop to multiple displays, provided your network bandwidth is good enough, you can sacrifice quality for lower bandwidth.

Your android boxes may or may not be capable of chromecast, I think from the same company above if you install their reflector app that will make it visible to airparrot.

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Digital Signage - with a local player at each Display can be achieved for very little cost, though adding in a video feed can be a little more expensive as you generally have to have a more advanced player or licence.

Screenly - will do everything you require and as a way into the system you can use the Open Source option for Free - Screenly - Screenly Open Source Edition

Video Distribution - you are describing HD or UHD over LAN where you use a Gigabit Network switch plus CAT cables out to each TV, your then add 1 x TX (Tranbsmitter) for each Source plus 1 x RX (Receiver) for each Display. The TX units can be from Sources colocated with teh Switch or around your facility. You can use this stand alone or integrated with a Digital Signage system.

Octava HD over LAN - is our low cost video over LAN option, HDMI Over IP – HDLAN | PoE – Video Over IP and HDMI Video Connectivity Solutions.


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