Audio advice needed


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I've just got my first blu ray player and am trying to get the best audio from it.

I'm connecting it to floorstanding speakers via composite red/white leads to an older Cambridge Audio amp (the amp doesn't have any other option other than for connection with composite cables).

The sound is ok but I got a better performance from my old DVD player, although the new blu ray player plays audio CD at a much higher performance.

Changing the settings on the blu ray player makes no difference - anyone got any advice/ideas please?


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Other than getting a better amp/receiver with digital inputs (either coaxial,optical or HDMI) I can't see there is a lot more you can do, I'm afraid...


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you could try a good quality optical to rca converter, but no setting is going to make any difference.


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Think I might have to get a new amp. How much am I going to have to spend for something good?

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