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Audiko Help


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I've been using Audiko to download ringtones for my iphone but i'm having problems syncing them to my phone, sometimes they dont transfer and everytime i do manage to get them to sync it wipes all the music of my iphone and secondly when i later go back into itunes it says that the ringtones can't be found.

Any ideas?



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Hmm sounds very strange behaviour to me! How are you importing the ringtone into iTunes? All you should need to do is double click the .m4r file that audiko creates. Doing that should automatically copy the file into the ringtone directory within iTunes' folder structure and set it up as a ringtone in the iTunes library. You can then delete the .m4r file that you downloaded from audiko.

Also how are you syncing your iPhone? It should just be synced to just one computer - trying to connect it to more than one will get things very confused (the iPhone can only be synced with one iTunes library). The fact that you say music keeps getting removed from your iPhone suggests to me that you may be syncing up to a different computer or at least a different iTunes library.

Alternatively it may be that your iPhone's sync settings are a bit skewy. When you connect your iPhone to iTunes and the iPhone summary page appears, try clicking on the Music and then Ringtone tabs that appear above the picture of the iPhone - is all music (and ringtones) set to sync or just some?

If all else fails try uninstalling iTunes completely and then reinstalling - the iTunes library index (and more importantly the music files) will be untouched so upon reinstallation it should just pick up all the music it had before straigth away. If that doesn't work then it may be that the iTunes library index has become corrupted somehow and so you may need to rebuild it. I can't recall how to do that but there should be something on the Apple support website to help.


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Thanks for replying.

I'm just clicking on the link and it's showing in the ringtone file on itunes but wont let me transfer to the ringtone folder on my phone.

As for syncing, only hooked up to the one itunes, it is a second hand phone but has been restored and has been only linked to my laptop in the past week since i got it.

the message i get when i click sync ringtones from the tabs on the overview page is 'Are you sure you want to sync ringtones - All exsisting songs, films and tv programmes will be removed'

I have itunes set to manually manage music and films.

In the meantime i'll try uninstalling itunes and re-installing it see if that helps.

Many Thanks


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Ah - not sure how to go about it if you are manually managing all your other media. Don't think iTunes will allow you to manually manage songs but sync ringtones (which is why it is deleting your music when you do sync ringtones - it's effectively turning syncing on for everything but isn't set to sync any music in your setup).

Is there any particular reason you are manually managing rather than letting iTunes sync automatically? You are able to pick and choose which items iTunes will sync to the phone within the tabs of the iPhone sync screen so it doesn't have to be "all or nothing".

If you definitely need to be manually managing then I'm not sure how to deal with ringtones in that situation I'm afraid - i would have thought it would simply be a case of dragging them to the iPhone as you would any other music, but I guess that is precisely what you have been trying to do and without success. Perhaps someone else has some experience with this?

Edit: Actually I think I may have found the answer afterall. Found this on another forum with people having the exact same problem - give it a go:
Hi there, i had the EXACT same problem as you and after hours googling the hell out of it repeatedly coming to the same answer i finally figured it out. this worked for me so i'm gonna assume it will work for you seeing as we have an identical problem.. all i did was when the "ringtone" is made and it's in the "ringtone" area of itunes ie: in the library, under music and apps and whatever else you have there, you know what i mean. i just clicked and dragged it to my iphone... not to ringtones or music or anything like that, drag it to "chad's iphone" under devices. it syncs for a sec and then when you go to settings, sounds, ringtones, it's in it's own little section up the top. i hope it works for you, and anyone else with this problem. if my instructions were horrible, lemme know and i'll try to explain it better. good luck
There is a bit more info in some of the other answers in that thread, which can be found here.
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