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Aug 21, 2001
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I have just built my first HCPC and I'm having real problems outputting DD5.1 sound.

I have connected the SPDIF out on the Realmagic Hollywood plus to the SPDIF in on the Audigy and then the 5.1 analogues from the Audigy to a power amp and the Audigy is set to decode AC3. When watching a DVD using the Hollywood software I don't get any sound if I select the output of the Hollywood to output AC3. To my mind with these settings the Hollywood should pass the raw digital bitstream un-decoded (because the Hollywood can't decode) to the Audigy which should then do the decoding before passing the separate channels to the power amp through the analogue cables. What is happening???

If I set the Hollywood to PCM, then it passes the signal down the digital out and into the Audigy but I only get sound through my main left/right not the centre speaker. This seems right has I think PCM is only digital stereo, am I right on this?

Please someone help me, this is doing my head

in :confused: :confused:
The Audigy manual says the spdif in is labeled CD / SPDIF IN. Sadly that suggests the input will only recocgnise PCM. :(
However, I do not have one of these so I cannot be absolutey certain...
I believe someone had this issue on the US forums, , the SB was never really intended to take a 5.1 digital INPUT. However i recall something about a special Compaq download (nearly 300mb!) for the SB card that enabled it to perform this function. My memory could be fooling me but i'm pretty sure that this is the issue they were trying to resolve. It maybe worth a search over there if this is a viable option.

Good luck in your quest... (believe me with a 300mb download on a 56kB modem it could turn into a crusade)

Cheers SeaneyC

Thats got it sorted, how typical of creative to produce a DD 5.1 card with digital inputs that are set to only accept DD stereo. If anyone else is suffering for the same problem you can get the driver download from Compaq who sorted the problem first or from creative whom were shamed into sorting the problem by Compaq, by the way the FAQ on creative's web site still says it can't be done.

The download is now under 13MB, I think the first was about the 300MB size because Compaq would only let you download the full Software CD and not just the drivers, hey but at least they sorted it out first.

:) :)

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