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Audica AVR-1 DVD Player


I'm new to this 'forum' business and, as a matter of fact, the whole Home Cinema thing but I think I must be missing something...

I recently went looking for a complete Home Cinema solution; DVD player, AV amp, speakers and screen.

The screen was easy, my friends have a Pioneer PHP435-XDE which is great so I got one of those. Speakers were easy because I'd already seen the reviews of the Audica speakers and simply love the look of them. After a dem' against Kef and Tannoy there was clearly no competition, even with music.

Then the dealer showed me the options for my DVD and Amp. To cut a long story short my choice was; Two large faceless japanese looking boxes or the Audica AVR-1. Guess which I took home...

It's a one-box solution and looks great, upscales to 1080i and has all the connections I need. Ok, it doesn't have the gazilions of inputs and outputs the big Denon/Sony style kit has but, for me, it's perfect.

Having made the decision I decided to look for other one-box solutions; There aren't any, with the exception of the NAD and a few other obscure ones.

Am I missing something or is this just a great product I've discovered?




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Hi -

Just to reserect this post!

Crusty is the audica Avr 1 good for 600? I mean how much will I miss? Im used to a big denon av am and kef speakers!


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It is not going to compete with a full sized AV amp. It is not particularly powerful but is capable of drive small sub/sat packages with relative ease.

If you want AV separates performance in a single box then the Arcam Solo Movei should be on your shortlist, it is however £2000.



You've probably all moved on with your lives since this thread was last active - but can someone who's tried it, heard it, chatted in the pub with someone who once saw one, PLEASE express an opinion about this Audica avr-1!? I have scoured the net, the world, the universe and i have not heard a single explicit statement about it, one way or the other.

I'm not an expert and I'd rather not shell out £2000 on the Arcam Solo movie. But i'd love to know if this Audica thing is any good/alright/utter dross.


PS. And why has the ENTIRE home cinema/hi-fi industry so utterly ignored it?


Very enigmatic. Despite your coyness, my inner Poirot deduces that you're not the AVR-1's biggest fan. But why? Perhaps there is more you are not letting on, mes amis?

Not sure about the Home cinema/hi-fi world playing it safe. If it weren't for reviewers doing their jobs and telling us whether or not things are crap 'Pearl Harbour' would have been the biggest grossing blockbuster of all time.

I work in the entertainment industry. Ain't no reviewers round my way shy of expressing an opinion.

Ta anyway. While your there B&W mt20 or A+E Aego T? (And of course, what to drive them with!?! ARRGH!)

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