Question Audible whine/hum emitted with new amp


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I recently purchased a used Arcam A38, and of 3 days ago (it was fine to begin with) it started to emit a very audible whine while in processor mode (HT bypass). The 'whine' like noise it emits is audible when watching content at -10db. The level of the whine does not change with volume of the speakers.

Any ideas as to why?

I never had this issue when using just the AVR. The speakers have always been whine/hum free. There is a slight hum, but you literally have to place your ear to a driver to hear it..

On another note, the Arcam makes the fronts hum very audibly when no content is played. Audible from 3 meters away.

I've messaged the seller (owner of an 'audiophile' shop) to register the issue and my interest in returning if the issue can't be resolved.

The amp - ARCAM FMJ A38 INTEGRATED HI-FI STEREO AMPLIFIER Silver. 200wpc power 4ohms | eBay as you can see it shouldn't be a lemon. Recent service by Arcam and a p/x with a shop that sells some very silly 'audiophile' gear.


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Almost certainly, I’d say, an earth problem.

Much easier to say than to offer advice on killing it sadly. It can be a most intense pita.

Have you changed any cabling just before the change? Or moved any cables, power or signal, in even the slightest fashion? Or plugged anything else into the amp? Or into the socket/extension feeding the amp? Or into the AV amp?


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No cabling changed up to the point it started doing it. The seller asked me to swap out the interconnects, so I've done that, and it has been whine free for half hour now. He also wants me to run an analog source through it as well.

Earth/ground issue is one I've considered along with electrical interference. Behind my tv unit is a complete rats nest of ac cords, rca, usbs, hdmi etc but not a lot I can do about that.

Nothing new has been plugged into amp or avr. I did unplug something from the surge protector as it wasn't in use/nor connected to the item it powers (logitech steering wheel).

Derek S-H

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Agree with Paul: this is very likely an earthing or cabling issue.

Are your cables shielded? You may need to reluctantly go back there and tidy everything up, unless there's an earthing point on the amp you can use somehow?


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Moving the RCA seems to have helped (touch wood). It was running along the back with numerous other cables, I've now got I draped over the AVR. Still touching other cables, but not as many.

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