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Hi All

Looking at an ATV2 and just want to check a few things before taking the leap.

Plan will be to jailbreak and run XBMC then stream MKV/Music files from computer via wireless initially then NAS drive in the future.

Is ripping DVDs to MKV using MakeMKV) the best option? I dont want to lose quality (space not too much of an issue) but I also dont want to spend the rest of the year converting them all to mp4 (though I will do this to some and put into iTunes if i want to watch on iPhone).

Also I assume purchased AAC files wont play in XBMC? (Althought they do on the Windows version). If I make mp3 version will this get around the issue or will DRM stop this?

Possibly the biggest question does all of the IOS5 features including mirroring work on a jailbroken ATV2? I really look forward to using this and it could be the clincher between recoding the films (which i really dont want to do) to maintain the mirroring/airplay functionality.

Thanks for any help!



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Can't help you on the DRM AAC files, as I don't have any, but the other points;

MakeMKV will right rip the DVD exactly as it is and put it in an MKV container. As you said, if you want to put some in iTunes to your iPhone, you'll need to convert and compress them. Handbrake works great for this.

All the standard ATV features remain even after jailbreaking; all the JB does is add additional features to the ATV, not detract from any


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Thanks Matt C

I have handbrake now and has worked well thanks.

Until I have a nas drive I guess it won't matter too much if it doesn't play purchased AAC that have been converted to mp3 as the computer will need to be on and so running iTunes isn't a disaster and can use standard frontend.

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