ATV 2,re Jailbroken..


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Hi there,
I had to reset my ATV2,after i messed up the ip addresses,trying to connect it to my phone,for attempting to use it in my brothers caravan!!!

So,last night i re jailbroke,and after Plex letting me down,thought id go the XBMC route,and try and spend some time with it,but,its doing my head in again!!
I can get it to see my upnp files,but not my external drive,were my movie files are,i cant find anyway,to get to a menu to take me into the macbook ,and select,malks drive(the external one).very frustrating.
so,i moved on,and had a look at the media player,that comes with the ATVflash,that was very easy to et up,in fact i didnt have to do anything,it was all there,,,,except the route to select external drive...

Can someone,please help me find the route,so i can find my external drive,either xbmc,or flash media player.
In both xbmc,and media player,it sees my macbook pro,but i just cant find the external will only see my upnp stuff.

I had no trouble with plex,i could esily select it to use the external,but these two.....grrrrrr....


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Thanks for getting back pal,just as my per usual luck,I'll have a read of the thread,I've been looking at the xbmc forums,to no avail,lots about crystal ubuntu mind......mmmmm,I can't reformat the drive, why is there so many compromises???,they're bloody everywhere!!!

I might have to start looking at a wd live streamer at this rate.......

Ah,the at flash player,just looked at the thread,i presumed it was xbmc,sorry,strange that it's hassle to find a bloody external drive.

Looks likes might have to,either,reinstall plex,or have a go some more with xbmc,which is slowly winding me up,have a deeper delve into the flash player,or just convert to m4v,or sell up the atv2,and try the wd live......blimey,why can't something
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I read the thread through,and got the media player on ATV flash working!!

Seems to be ok(so far),its got the same look as itunes set up,you know,like cinema tickets,,anyway,im going to try some different files now,and watch some films,just watched drive....AWESOME.


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OK,another,update,sort of.
The atvflash player,was buffering up last night,i was watching lilo and stitch(with my boy!!),and i think the file was only about 700-800mb.
There should have been no excuse,it also bufferd on another film,cant remeber which one.
Really strange mind,as i watched Drive(totally awesome film),a good 4gb file,with no issues.
So,fear of buffering,atvflash player,is now redundant.
So,i installed Plex again.......guess what??so far,sweet as sugar.
on the main ATV screen,there is a plex logo,i didnt have one previously,so maybe,i didnt "get"all of the plex bits in there,who knows.
But so far(touches wooden table)....

Hopefully,itll keep together,i have noticed one thing.
I have a few files,like Laurel and Hardy,and some Tom and Jerry,that Plex cant see on my external drive,ive put them all in a folder,so say,20 Laurel and Hardy films,in a Laurel and Hardy folder,Plex cant see them,i take it,it wont "open "folders?i should keep them all out in the open?

one more thing,on a positive note,the airplay on ATV just rocks,been using it loads,you tube for cartoons,bbc iplayer after work,moto gp,really cool how that is the whole Homeshare thing thinking about it,.
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