Attenuation. What's it all about?


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Just wondered what attenuation was all about. One of the settings on my Pioneer amp has this option as -10db, 0db and +10db. I know this has something to do with the sub but I've played around with them and noticed no difference between the three settings. Can someone please explain what purpose these settings serve?

Ta :)


I dont know how technical an answer you desire, but in its most basic guise, this should simply be raising or lowering the volume....

No one jump on me for being overly simplictic! I can go deeper, but most of the time no one wants that!



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There's a good explanation of the db (decibel) scale in this thread.

I suspect that the sub setting of +10/0/-10db may have something to do with level settings for different modes of operation. Perhaps someone else can elaborate.

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