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Aug 13, 2001
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Good news and bad news...
Taken (unofficially) from the Xbox Live license agreement:
“Microsoft may retrieve information from the Xbox used to log on to Xbox Live as necessary to operate and protect the security of Xbox Live, and to enforce this Agreement"

Good news if you're keen to be sure that you're playing in a clean, cheat-free environment, but bad news if you're playing with a chipped/modified 'box or dodgy warez.

The question is, will whatever MS has up its' sleeve be hackable?
By Microsoft's admission (take that with as much salt as you have handy) they won't be doing this. Just because the license agreement says that they can, I don't see them doing it, at least not at the start. Maybe if cheats become a big problem they'll decide to implement it.

I think it's more of a legal requirement than anything else.

Course, not all modded XBox players are going to be cheaters, so if they do decide to clean them out, it would be rough.
Yeah, I've also heard about other things like if you have a modded Xbox and try to run Xbox Live! Microsoft would lock you out of the network full stop if they wanted to. It works fine currently with modded Xbox's so its really down to MS. With the new-ish BIOS chip though you could upgrade its code and hopefully bypass these security settings but we would have to wait and see if MS does anything at all. Cheating is one thing I hate and if theres anything that will discourage it then I'm in full support.

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