Attention tall people - where do you buy your trousers?


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I am really having trouble finding some decent trousers for work.

I am a 38" waist, but also a 36" leg and it is a complete nightmare trying to find trousers!

I know about the high and mighty chain but don't like anything they sell.

Does anyone else know where to look? I've spent about an hour online just now looking. :(


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Have you tried GAP? They do all kinds of sizes, including odd sizes for the likes of me, that want a 33" waist with a 34 leg.


Im 36" leg and 44" waist.All the big shops ive been all seem to sell stuff thats for people above 70 :rotfl:.I get my jeans from kays mail order.I ordered a 4XL T-shirt and they sent a small magazine with it,that had massive sizes.:smashin:


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Marks and Spencer cater for all sizes, a guy I work with is 6'6 and even he has a huge choice of trousers.

I went on their website, but unfortunately i'm on the younger side of 40. :(


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Debenhams were stocking Centaur stuff, more suit based apparel, but should cater for your size, although they might have to order in.


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Next directory is pretty good. They do an extra long leg in most things. They aren't available in the stores generally though.

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Next's idea of extra long leg , like many high street shops, maxes out at 35" inside leg. I need 36". Marks's occasionally get them that long, but you have to be lucky to bag a pair or two. They're like hen's teeth!


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I'm 6' 9", 38" waist, 36" leg and used to have to get all my clothes from High and Mighty. £40-60 for pretty poor jeans used to drive me crackers. :mad: Not to mention £450 for a very average suit. :mad:

Thesedays, stuff from Next or Marks fits just fine, and is less than half the price. :thumbsup: I do get Mrs Codehead to order about 6 pairs of trousers in similar styles, as the sizing varies, but it's not problem to try them all and send back the shorter ones.

Also, US retailers have bigger sizes and are often quite happy to ship overseas. I got two pairs of 38" leg Levis for £8 each a couple of years ago. :thumbsup: Obviously the returns policy isn't as good if you go down that road.

[EDIT] I tend to wear trainers/deck shoes when I'm loafing around the house. [-]Chav Central[/-] JJB or any of the other high street 'sports' shops often have stupidly cheap large size trainers/hiking boots/etc as they don't shift many pairs and sell 'em for cheap when the next batch/style comes in.
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