Attention all SONY STR-VA555ES owners

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Mattk, Dec 20, 2002.

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    Attention all SONY STR-VA555ES owners! If you have software ver. 1.40 then you will have problems with A.F.D for DTS-ES 6.1(back surround) channel on titles such as LOTR and Blade 2 etc basically the amp will have sound dropouts and struggles to decode the back surround.
    The official word from Sony is that they now recognise the problem here in the UK as it first originated in the US. They say to take the amp back to your dealer and the dealer will arrange for the amp to be sent to West Drayon, Middx, to have the software upgraded.
    Obviously if you haven't used a back surround you will not have noticed a problem, yet!
    Merry Xmas!

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