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Atoll CD 100 vs Arcam CD 192

Discussion in 'Arcam Owners' Forum' started by Ola, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Ola


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    I was going to buy a new CD player and went to my local Arcam dealer in Stocholm, it "battle" stood between Arcam CD 192, Rotel RCD 1072, And a French player Atoll CD 100.
    After the first round the Rotel was gone i had nothing do do with this players.

    After like 20minutes with listening and heavy discussions, the Atoll were the winner. (to my surprise)
    Better Dynamics, better bass, better holografics, more exact and so on...

    This is a fantastic CDplayer, i know that the built quality isen´t the best! but for me it´s not how it looks inside, it´s how it sounds outside.

    Does anybody know if there has been any tests with Atoll CD 100?

    My equipment.
    Arcam AVR 300
    DVD, Denon 2900
    CD, Atoll CD 100
    Front speakers, Audiovector Mi3 Super
    Center speaker, Audiovector AV3Ci
    Rear spekares, Audiovector KX
    Kablage, Audioquest Bedrock
    Internal kablage, Van den hul 102mk2


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