Answered ATMOS test source media?


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OK, I know - get the Gravity Movie on Blueray!

Problem: I don't have a dedicated BD player, just a fat old PS3 and that can't be set to send bitstream.

I've already melted the plastic buying an ONKY TX-NR646 which means I've got to wait for xmas for a PS4 (hope you've been listening Santa :love:)

Meanwhile I'm itching to get to hear ATMOS in action but I'm short on ideas for ways of getting source material into my AV amp. I found some demos in m2ts format 2D Demo Trailers (HD) but I have no hdmi equipped playback computer (apart from a RasPI :laugh:)

I do have a Chromecast plugged into the amp but Youtube is a dead end of course because it only arrives as 2ch PCM. I haven't bothered with buying any movie subscriptions on that, not even sure it supports bitstream anyway - no settings menus to check.

Have I missed any tricks here?


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rip the title to
You sure on the ps3 front? Thought it could bitstream TrueHD? See if you can pick up a cheap media player in the classifieds.

The original phat PS3 can't bitream either TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio. The later slim PS3 can bitstream both unless the content is sequential 3D, in which case it cannot bitstream the audio if encoded as TrueHD.

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