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Hi guys and gals,

I've currently got a Cyrus DAC-XP+ with 2x Mono X power amps and a pair of Audiovector Mi3 Super speakers that I use for both music and watching films. I did have a 5.1 setup but my Cyrus AV5 has died. The rest of my equipment is a third Mono X, a Cyrus Smartpower+ stereo amp and a PMC centre speaker, Virgin TiVo box, Panasonic 4k Bluray player and a small NUC that I stream TV and movies from my server.

I want to keep my main setup, but add surround capability, ideally looking at a 7.1.4 Atmos system. I may end up going 5.1.2 first, depending on cost and then adding the additional speakers.

Am I right in thinking that I can get an AV amp and connect the front L and R to my DAC-XP+ so that the sound quality for music remains high? Am I able to also put the spare Mono X to use, to power the centre channel?

Rear and side speakers - I've been looking at Audiovector QR1 and AR Wall speakers, as I assume that keeping the same brand is recommended. These are roughly £1k per pair and would be my absolute limit on cost. Would I regret cuttincosts and going for something closer to £500 per pair? Monitor Audio etc.

Atmos ceiling speakers. Any recommendations on brand and cost?

AV amp. Any recommendations On brand and budget?




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Nice setup! For AVR I'd recommend the Denon x4500 as it's a good AVR but also has full pre-outs for up to 7.1.4, it's last years model so has some good discount over the newer x4700, so can be had for a reasonable price :-

Even cheaper here with an eBay discount code 'PRODUCT5' if available to you, runs out tomorrow :-

The x3600 is also very similar, but does not have as good sound processing which is an audible difference and it also does not have as good a display, 1 line vs 2 lines etc..

Atmos speakers, if you don't mind cutting holes in your ceiling then in ceiling speakers can be a better and often cheaper option to anything reflecting or coming from the sides.
Where is your seating position? You ideally need for in / on ceiling speakers a 45 degs angle (+10/-15 degs) from both the front atmos and rear atmos speakers to your seating position and in doing that the atmos speakers should not be close to the walls either as they'll reflect. As such the MLP / sofa often needs to be in the middle of the room or at least quite away from the rear wall rather than up against the back wall and if you can't do that 2 ATMOS speakers is often better.




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Thanks for the repl. The Denon looks good, and a decent price.

Atmos... I'll be looking at fitting them in the ceiling, assuming I get permission from my management :D

I also pull the sofa away from the back wall when watching films, so I'm sure I can get the best from a 4 speaker setup. Any recommendations on speakers? Or what sort ofprice range I should be looking at?


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Sounds good, I think you need to ensure you pull the sofa far enough forward so you get the right angle and also the speakers aren't close enough to the back wall to reflect. If you're ears are 1.5m from ceiling, that can equate to pulling the sofa forward 2.25-3 meters.

Speaker wise I personally like the Kef Ci speakers with the Uni Q driver as they disperse well, so that's the Ci 'Q' series available as QR (round) or QS (square) in a size of your choice or there's the excellent R THX series if you have deeper pockets. Ci130QR RRP=£170 each, Ci200RR=£530 each.. Obviously other makes are available... :)

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