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I'm carrying on with my upgrade path, having done my AVR and adding a SVS SB1000 sub. I'm now wanting to add a couple of speakers to get 5.1.2 atmos. I was originally going to look at the Focal sib evo speakers or Monitor Audio Apex, but have decided see how I get on with current speakers. I've been looking at the Cambridge Audio minx min12, would these be any good? If so should I mount the for front height or on the ceiling as per the dolby recommendation? Or would I be better off with some upfiring speakers?



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I've now purchased a pair of Cambridge Audio minx min12. If I'm going to use these for atmos, can I fix them as front heights, or would I be better off trying to fix them to the ceiling?


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Ceiling to get best overhead effects, but you do what you can there..






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If only I could have afforded that SVS 1000, nice unit. Ended up with a Klipsch Rp112 sub.

After going back and forth numerous times I mounted 4 x RP 160 Klipsch Bookshelves and it worked. Try Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and wait for the missiles to get shot at you... I guarantee you will duck big time. I used Pinpoint AM 41 mounts that tilt and swivel and pointed them toward me, then used my room correction to dial them in. I like speakers with a little oomph and they delivered. I find these ATMOS soundtracks really center weighted, but overheads are always choice with sound formats evolving on a per movie basis it seems. Good luck on your choice.

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