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Having recently jumped on the Atmos bandwagon I'm looking into properly positioning my speakers. Well, as properly as I can given the room. I can't use in-ceiling speakers so have picked up a single pair of Wharfdale D300 3D Atmos speakers (D300 3D Surround Speaker – WHARFEDALE). Currently they are up firing while I get to grips with all this. What I ideally want to do is have the two pairs of Atmos speaks but given my room limitations this is the only reasonable layout.


So questions.

1: Would the speakers give me the effect I'm looking for if they are mounted perpendicular to the listening position? (Arrows indicate facing direction).
2: Would having both sets in front of the listening area work? It would be quite tricky to mount speakers behind me due to window. Also my surrounds are already quite high. 2ft above ear height.
3: Is there a better option I'm not thinking about?

Any advice appreciated.


Your best option, other than having them sit on top of your front speakers, is to have them on the front wall as high as possible and directly above the front left and right. As upfiring have them set to a crossover of at the very least 150hz and at least 2dB above the room correction reading. The side options would have the audio firing at each other and not in the direction that the soundfield is intended. I wouldn't worry unduly about your surrounds being a couple of feet higher than ear height. Mine are the same and I use front upfiring modules.

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