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Hi I'm new so please go easy on me :D

I have a fairly basic setup for my AV equipment (Compared with some of you guys!!) I have a Sony STR-DH790 receiver and Elac Cinema 5.1 speakers.

The receiver is Atmos capable and I'm keen to try this out. I don't have a huge budget so I'm looking at either up firing Atmos speakers or just going for front height speakers. In ceiling speakers are not an option (We've only just finished renovating the house... I know I should have thought about this before we did that!! The wife will not let me cut holes in the new ceiling and start lifting floors upstairs to run cables)

The problem I have is our 1930's house has forced me to place the TV in the corner of the living room and we have built in cupboards either side of the chimney breast which the TV is on top of one side, which is why I have small satellite speakers rather than floor standing.

The only place I have is the shelf above the tv as you can see in the attached photo... However this is only about a foot away from the ceiling... Would up firing be too close to the ceiling to work effectively? Should I just place a couple of forward facing "height" speakers on the shelf?

Would height speakers give me a workable Atmos effect... I realise everything in this setup is a compromise but I'm trying to make the best of what I've got and what I can afford (get away with spending before the wife throws me out!!)



Upfiring speakers are not going to work for you because of that corner placement and where you can actually place them for effect. Guidance is to have them sitting on top of or as near as possible to the front left and right. Neither option is available here. Your next option would be to have speakers mounted high on the front wall, guidance again says in line with the front left and right speakers. Here again you are highly compromised because of that corner TV placement.

I would look at the classifieds for some small speakers that you could utalize without costing you a fortune. Otherwise look at CA Minx 12.



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Thanks for your reply.

Yeah unfortunately everything with this layout means compromise.

So I’ll go for a pair of front height speakers and fiddle about with it until I am happy with it


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