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So I have a difficult situation with my atmos speakers, wondering on advice.

I have 4 atmos channels. I initially had two so I put them left and right middle atmos. My seating is very close to the corner of the room so I did not want to put them the 30cm or so behind me as I felt it'd be a bit boxy for the speakers, might cause detriment to sound quality.

Infront of me I have about 4M. I have a fireplace in the middle of the room.

So my question is:

1. Would you move the middle atmos channels the 30cm behind so they're almost corner loaded or would you just keep them to the side of the listener? At the moment I'd say they're 90 degrees from my head. I could get them maybe 100 degrees or so from my head (this is my head facing the front screen)
2. For the front atmos channels, does it matter HOW infront they are? I'm planning to put them pretty infront, so near my L&R angled towards me on the ceiling

From my basic study of speaker placement:
1. Due to the wide despersion of the Arendal driver, my 'middle atmos' speakers should be fine as they are. 30cm isn't a gigantic deal so its not like they're going to magically sound very different. I also do have rear speakers anyway which are slightly elavated to the surrounds and base layer. By slightly, I mean a lot (sad realities of a less than perfectly shaped room). Having the tweeters right next to me and angled perfectly should preserve more detail.

2. The closer the atmos channels are to my front stage, the 'bigger' the atmos presentation will feel. Aka, a bird flying around my room will feel like its flying right around. The closer they are, the more detail and solidity to the upper sound field but at the cost of size.

3. Putting speakers behind me IS an option BUT due to it being an alcove behind me, they will NOT be in line with L&R speaker/surrounds and the L&R farthest listeners will all have the no directionality as every atmos speaker will be to one side - basically instead of having 4 decent seating positions, I'll be reduced to 1.

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You might find this podcast interesting. AVF interviewed THX and they said for 7.1.4, based on extensive testing, they would put rears tops directly above you (i.e. 90 degrees) and the front pair ahead of you per Dolby guidance so 30-45 degrees.

I think Anthony Grimani recommends rear tops are only just behind you, maybe 10 degrees back or something.

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